You are The Cleaner, and you must purge the manifestations of grime and muck that haunt the hall before you. Use your trusty mop and bucket to keep the filth from overwhelming you as you make your way through the hallway you've been assigned to clean.

The Cleaner is designed for a fictional handheld console, using only three buttons: a left, right, and action button. In battle, you can avoid attacks by jumping over them or catching projectiles in your bucket. These fill a meter that, when filled, will deal twice as much damage on your next turn.


Left: Left, A

Right: Right, D

Action: Up, W, Space

Outside of battleMove leftMove rightJump
In battleHold bucket aboveHold bucket in frontJump

Along the way, you will find vending machines and drinking fountains. For a price, vending machines will restore your health. Drinking fountains will save your checkpoint there if you run out of health.

The Cleaner is result of a group project for a fictional handheld console, and was created in a month for a class. The battle system was inspired by Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, and Game & Watch games.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSuper Space Hero
GenreRole Playing
Made withGIMP, Unity
TagsSide Scroller
Average sessionA few minutes

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